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The Retreat @ Le Grand Bois

B&B, Pool, Gite, Park & Gardens

Guest Chef Cooks For Us Take 2

We were lucky enough again recently to have yet another famous Chef cook dinner for us here at The Retreat @ Le Grand Bois, (See The Huntingdon Post's article on Geoffery Self) the ultra reclusive Two Dunlop Star Chef Mr Geoffery Self spent a week with us & midway through his week with us he cooked one of his signature dishes; Beef Bourguignon. See some photos of our wonderful dinner with friends.

Here’s when we caught Geoffery checking his notes on how to make Beef Bourguignon (on the back of a tea-towel he'd squirreled away a little earlier in the day).

Sorry for the gap here there was another photo of Geoffery having a bit of a tantrum & thowing the pans & ingredients all around the kitchen, but he refused to let us publish it, (what are these two Star Dunlop Chefs like, full of hot air & then a bit of a let down to say the least).

Geoffery struggling with the Induction Hob in our kitchen, Jeffery says he still prefers to cook in the traditional way using, wood, coal or peat that he's accustom too, although he did have to admit that Saucepans are far more convenient than the clay pots & cauldron he's used to using.

Here we have Auntie Margret blessing & praying for the dinner that we are about to receive cooked by Geoffery, with Tina looking longingly at the large pot of Geoffery's Beef Bourguignon, unfortunately for everyone else, the student of floristry cuisine Dominique could wait no longer to taste Geoffery's Beef Bourguignon & grabbed a portion for herself.

Uncle Brian was enjoying Jeffery's food so much that he'd licked his plate clean & was asking Dominique for a second helping, but unfortunately Uncle Brian had a drop too much of the St Emillion & got a bit of bone stuck in his knee which put him out of action for the rest of the week, Geoffery assures us completely that it was nothing to do with his Beef Bourguignon !

If looks could kill, & all I had only said to Dominique the student of floristry cuisine, was that three portions of Geoffery's Beef Bourguignon was enough for anyone, especially when Geoffery was still waiting for his first.

Our two final guests of the evening "Mi Julie" who’s looking very pleased with the fact that she's managed to get a few French Beans on her plate, & Mr David Le Fort, who's looking hopeful & still waiting to get his hands on some of Geoffery's Beef Bourguignon. while Dominique the student of floristry cuisine is in the background attacking the Petit Pois yet again.

At the end of a wonderful evening with our friends the illusive reclusive Geoffery Self (Two Dunlop Star Chef) graciously signs Dominique the student of floristry cuisine's napkin, & she looking pretty full of herself, or should we say it's not really surprising after three portions of Geoffery Self's famous Beef Bourguignon.